Vantage Residential Series windows from Architectural Window Systems were installed throughout a new residential extension project in Red Hill, Brisbane.

The simple and modest extension utilised a modular structural insulated panel system (SIPS) to reduce construction time and minimise labour requirement. The use of the SIPS panels as a construction material not only redefined the way building materials were utilised within a home project, but also allowed the renovation to be completed on a tight budget.

Once the architect and the clients agreed to use OSB panels as an internal finish, this material pallet began to drive a series of decisions for the project. Since the exposed OSB panel was considered the final internal finish, no finishing trades such as plastering and painting were used throughout the home, resulting in a simple elegance.

Architect Kieron Gait’s purposeful design connects the existing house and garden with a lofty, double height space to maximise views, light and lifestyle. A steep raking roof allows the bedrooms to be nestled above and creates an airy, warm and light-filled living space.

Each window placement in the renovation has a clear purpose. AWS’ Vantage Residential Series windows have been used throughout the home, offering a slim 50mm frame platform to achieve elegant functionality. A large fixed sky window is positioned at the peak of the bedroom allowing clear views of the night sky while a narrow bank of Series 525 louvres offer gentle ventilation. A carefully positioned Series 504 sliding window provides views of the lush garden below.

A large stacking sliding door, the Series 704 SlideMASTER from the Elevate Aluminium range separates the main living space from the rear garden, providing a purposeful distinction from the external living platform while maximising light and views of the outdoors. Flush thresholds ensure that when the door is stacked open the transition between the spaces is simple and seamless.