Architectural Window Systems (AWS) has collaborated with drainage systems specialist ACO to design a safer and stylish threshold drain for the home segment.

The average Australian’s affinity for the outdoors is reflected in the architecture, with building design incorporating decks, outdoor entertainment spaces and barbeque areas to create stylish homes that balance comfort, functionality, safety and economy. The threshold drainage solution from AWS and ACO is designed to achieve a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising on safety, aesthetics or compliance.

The new FlowTHRU is a flush threshold drainage system featuring a stainless steel construction and delivering all the functional benefits of effective drainage while providing a level transition to increase safety for residents.

Studies show that 62 per cent of accidents occur in the family home with thresholds, ground-level recesses, pathways and corridors being particularly vulnerable to tripping incidents. The new FlowTHRU threshold drain is level with existing internal and external ground surfaces, helping reduce the risk of trips and falls, especially where water is involved.

The flush design of the drain eliminates any elevated interruption at the threshold, creating a sense of space. The use of an architecturally styled stainless steel grate on the drain adds to the elegant appearance.

The FlowTHRU integrated threshold drainage solution is the only system that has been fully tested with AWS systems and achieves compliance with AS 4586 for slip resistance. There is additional safety with the FlowTHRU utilising an ACO Heelsafe Anti-Slip grate to prevent small heels from becoming trapped.