Large format designer windows from Architectural Window Systems were installed in a beautiful new home located in Castle Hill, Sydney to frame the stunning views.

Sitting adjacent to a pristine bush corridor, the property combines clever design, construction, and choice of windows and doors to provide the owners a much-coveted balance between the natural environment and the interior of this modern, spacious home.

Fabricators Mid City Windows won AWA’s 2015 Best Use of Windows & Doors: Residential New Construction Under $500,000 award. The AWA awards recognise fenestration products that complement and enhance the design of a dwelling or building.

Building designers, ICR Design incorporated a series of stunning views into the design, each framed by expansive, large-format, designer windows, which included strategically placed fixed glazing, louvres and awning windows. The use of AWS windows has resulted in a light-filled property that maintains a sleek, architectural look while boasting exceptional cross-ventilation, reducing the need for air-conditioning. All products also use Low E glass, contributing to the property’s overall sustainability and energy efficiency.

A magnificent two-storey glazed curtain wall and glazed balustrade further enhance the open feel of the home and its interconnectedness with the natural abundance of its location. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling sliding, stacking doors also maximise space and remove all visual barriers between the home’s interior and exterior, while flush flooring links the internal timber floor with the external timber deck.

This stunning home at Castle Hill is a living, breathing testament to the potential of great products and architectural design, and the vision of its owners.