The Vitreflon range of surface treatment products is designed to provide durability against the elements. Based on Japanese Fluoropolymer technology, the range has been developed and refined by Architectural and Industrial Coatings to meet Australian needs.

It is available on a wide range of compositions, colours and sheen levels and is applied by trained specialists Australia wide and is guaranteed to keep your infrastructure looking as it should well into the future. It is graffiti-resistant and exhibits virtually zero pollutant attraction and retention.

Vitreflon has been used on many major façades Australia wide including the Woolworths National Headquarters, and the National Bank building situated in the docklands complex in Melbourne where the architects needed to treat their walls so that they were still bright and colourful years down the track. It has also been used on the noise barriers, bridge abutments and toll booths on the M7 Motorway where the engineers needed an easy way to foil graffiti artists.