Now available from Architectural & Industrial Coatings , the GPS 2003 two pack polyurethane clear finish for outdoor use achieves a beautiful yet hardwearing polished look on assembly areas, driveways, and footpaths.

This outdoor polyurethane clear finish uses Envirothane 2000 Super Clear Two Pack Epoxy Sealer and either Envirothane 8470 Clear Satin Polyurethane or Envirothane 8472 Clear Gloss Polyurethane to achieve the same results as traditionally concrete polishing processes, at a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for use in areas that require a hardwearing surface, the GPS 2003 two pack polyurethane clear finish has easy cleaning properties and optimal UV resistance. Furthermore, it can be applied as a non-slip surface, and as a food grade coating.

Typical applications for this polyurethane clear concrete finish include:

  • shopping malls
  • feature areas; and
  • concourses.