By using Enviroflon 9000 and Inflonito A20, available from Architectural & Industrial Coatings / A & I Coatings , for all external finishes customers can make their project an enduring landmark.

Considering the long term appearance of any project, quality and durable finish is essential. Enviroflon 9000 and Inflonito A20 are remarkable Fluoropolymer coatings, outstanding in their UV resistance. Following are the specifications for both the products:

  • E9000: low – VOC, water based, easy application
  • A20: solvent based, suitable for pre-finishing

Following are the features of Enviroflon 9000 and Inflonito A20:

  • Available in any unlimited colour range
  • Ultra-durable
  • Can be on-site or pre-finished
The Enviroflon 9000 and Inflonito A20 coatings are suitable for most applications including facades, commercial buildings, railway stations, exterior artworks, retail stores, malls and other public spaces.