Available from Architectural & Industrial Coatings / A & I Coatings , Enviroflon 8480 water based two pack fluoro modified polyurethane is a premium multi-purpose protective coating that is ideal for use on high wear surfaces, especially in learning centres.

In the refurbished laboratories at Monash University in Melbourne the bench tops and flooring are benefiting from the excellent durability and chemical resistant properties of Enviroflon 8480 protective coating.

Enviroflon 8480 protecting coatings are being specified by Architects involved with learning centre projects for high wear surfaces such as CFC paneling, timber flooring and joinery.

Enviroflon 8480 from A & I Coatings is a state-of-the-art premium protective coating which is available as clear or colour and can be site-applied to practically any surface for: 

  • Scratch and wear resistance 
  • High chemical resistance 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • UV stability
  • Optimum cleanability and low maintenance