Architectural & Industrial Coatings / A & I Coatings  supplies Enviroflon 8480 water-based two-pack fluoro modified polyurethane coating systems for outdoor surfaces.  

It has been found that site application of premium coatings to CFC façades is often preferable to the prefinished type.  

Enviroflon 8480 water based polyurethane coatings are suitable for this purpose as they are easy to apply and effortlessly withstand the most rugged Australian outdoor conditions.  

Enviroflon 8480 is an Australian-made high performance coating, which has been specifically developed to suit Australian conditions and needs.  

Some key benefits of Enviroflon polyurethane coatings include:

  • Available in any colour to create an attractive feature façade of choice
  • Outstanding UV resistance for lasting durability
  • Graffiti-resistant – defacement can be removed with graffiti removers
  • Environment-friendly coating – water-based and very low odour

Enviroflon 8480 has contributed to time and cost savings on various BER school projects.