Architectural & Industrial Coatings / A & I Coatings  has developed the environmentally friendly surface coating, Envirothane 8450, which does not compromise strength or hardness and achieves an ideal gloss finish.

This water-based polyurethane has been made for surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and doors, bedroom doors and external architectural steelwork, which have traditionally been treated with conventional two-pack polyurethanes.

But now finishes such as two-pack is considered as harmful to the environment, given its petroleum source and high VOC levels.

Envirothane 8450 has been developed to take the place of these conventional urethanes. As genuine cross-linking polyurethane, it has:

  • Low VOC’s
  • A water based resin system
  • Compliance with Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star system – maximum credits are obtainable
  • High gloss
  • Maximum hardness and surface slip for low maintenance
  • Good UV resistance

Architectural & Industrial Coatings / A & I Coatings can provide more information on Envirothane 8450 by way of samples, data sheets and colour range.