Architectural Images , with more than one decade of experience, provides innovative visualisation solutions for architectural planning, development and advertising industries. Architectural Images incorporates comprehensive model making and 3D visualisation in its visualisation solutions.

Marketing services from Architectural Images includes marketing models, sample boards, interior and exterior 3D images, animation and rendered plans.

For marketing models, Architectural Images replicates the details using traditional techniques in conjunction with the latest technologies, which includes laser cutting, cnc routing and chemical milling. Sample boards from Architectural Images involves construction of quality and durable sample boards for display suites.

For exterior and interior 3D images, Architectural Images works out a detailed interior plan, complete with custom materials, colour schemes, furniture and fittings.

In addition to traditional animation, Architectural Images also creates interactive virtual reality panoramas. This enables the viewers to navigate a proposed design using a computer mouse. Architectural Images also offers design layouts for marketing and promotional material towards its rendered 2D plans.

Council submissions by Architectural Images include physical models, digital 3D models, photomontages and shadow analysis. Architectural Images produces high quality, accurate models in its physical model plan. Architectural Images also offers digital 3D models to architects and property developers.