Okalux Okatech expanded metal insulated glass has been specified for protecting the exhibits at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Currently undergoing a complete redevelopment, the Museum of Art is expected to become Hong Kong’s new cultural destination after the 4-year HK $930 million ($120 million) project is completed next year. The redevelopment will see the museum’s exhibition area increase from 7,500 square feet to 10,700 square feet, providing a more favourable environment for the increasing number of visitors.

Some of the design highlights planned for the expansion include a higher ceiling to allow for larger, and more ambitious exhibits as well as the use of Okalux Okatech expanded metal insulated glass as the glass façade material, which will reduce the solar heat gain of the building.

The museum will reopen in 2019.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art has hosted a string of exhibitions including traditional bamboo carvings, works by contemporary Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong, and a collection of flower paintings by famous calligraphers.

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