The Architectural Door Hardware Association (ADHA) represents the architectural openings industry in Australia. Comprised of some of the leading distributors, manufacturers and product agents in Australia, members of the association excel in all aspects of products, consultancy, services and training.

Australian Standards are monitored by the ADHA and input is provided to make sure that members’ interests are well represented. Direct member representation is also something that ADHA seeks when appropriate.

Consultants are trained on a regular basis and commitment levels continue to develop in the door hardware industry which is highly competent in the consulting of door hardware.

Using an ADHA Member means:
  • The company will fairly represent all door hardware that is available within the market place
  • The well trained consultant will be conversant with architectural opening industry building standards
  • You will be given a peace of mind which will encourage maintenance of high tech and business standards.

Photo : a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Jeremy Burgin's Flickr photo stream.