A range of Rodeca Roofs available from Architectural Building Elements offer high performance and premium quality.

There are three main systems available from Rodeca, which can be used in a variety of applications – multi-function panels, PC multi-wall sheets and RT roof-light systems.

These systems are available to be used for curved roof-lights, providing many advantages depending on the system chosen.

For roofs with small slopes, Rodeca have developed the multi-function panels and RT roof-light systems in different thicknesses, especially for transparent roof-lights. The minimum slope that can be used is five degrees, with panels up to 12m in length.

Pyramidal roof-lights offer various possibilities for improved light efficiency and create an incomparable atmosphere. RT systems and PC multi-wall sheets can be used here, along with PC panels with formed coupling for mounting with joining profiles.

Rodeca also produces skylights which, nowadays, have to meet requirements of tightness, transparency and statics. The three systems can be used for stadium roofing and for canopies, with PC solid sheets able to be used for the latter as well.

The new RT Thermolight system is the best solution for trapezoid surfaces, which are always costly to glaze. It allows for the integration of economic roof-lights into profiled roof surfaces. Roof-lights start at the ridge and can end where desired.

Rodeca also uses the three main systems for shed and saddle roofs.