The Rodeca modular construction system from Architectural Building Elements Pty Ltd offers a flexible solution for versatile applications.

Part of Rodeca’s range of translucent building elements, this modular system features a polycarbonate construction that offers several thermal benefits to the application. Made from a high impact thermoplastic material, the polycarbonate construction system provides wide temperature resistance from -40°C to +115°C, unchanged impact resistance within these temperatures, and excellent long term performance through UV protection. Additionally, it’s also recyclable.

The modular system delivers high flexibility thanks to the ability of the individual profiles to be combined in the desired configuration. Available at a lower cost than anodised or coated aluminium profiles, the Rodeca modular construction system allows easy installation without any special tools, and enables simple mounting and demounting.

Rodeca modular construction systems find application in interior fittings, sliding doors, windows, partitions, playpens and greenhouses among many others in home and garden environments.