Architect and Builder Magazine  provides comprehensive information on the building industry of Australia. This online directory houses information on several facts pertaining to the building industry of Australia. Architect and Builder Magazine online directory has been specifically developed for professionals as well as architects of building industry.

Architect and Builder Magazine covers topics on several issues that comprise of current developing trends of building industry, new products, workmanship as well as various other essential topics. Architect and Builder Magazine has also been endorsed by organisations including The Air Conditioning Service Group, Mechanical Contractors Association, Landscape Industries Association and The Association of Wall.

Architect and Builder Magazine enables different companies to promote its various products and services. This online directory also consists of product showcase section that gives information on various products and services including wall insulation energy smart housing design, rainwater bladders, louvers, fire rated glazing systems and permeable pavers.

Fire rated glazing system is one such product covered in the product showcase of Architect and Builder Magazine. These fire rated glazing systems are known for durability, safety and visual transparency.