Archetype International  holds hundred years of experience in terms of local as well as international high end shop fitouts. The various brands offered by Archetype International with reference to shop-fitout consists of DFS, planet Hollywood and chanel to Goodyear. Archetype International offers project management for all kinds of projects starting from project scheduling, quality control, detailed costing analysis and specifications, through site supervision and project coordination of all assemble, attendance at various project meetings involving vendors, contractors, building owners and other third parties.

The project management services provided by Archetype International also comprises of acting in the form of advisory capacity while utilizing strong project intelligence in business protocols, practices, services and products over a broad cross section of trade as well as industries that pertains to project design, commercial office space development and start-ups.

The project management services offered by Archetype International in addition consists of oversee and monitor the performance of all parties and communicate key project issues to clients, act as an information hub for all parties in order to maximize on project flow and efficiency implementation of each and every product group and services. Archetype International can also mobilize as well as direct a multi-functional, high performance team in order to drive an optimal and complete solution that will enable to meet project goals and objectives.