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    Spur® Fixed Louvres come in a range of single, double and triple stage systems and provide a building with natural ventilation, air intake, air exhaust, privacy screening and facade aesthetics whilst offering a high level of rain defense. A suitable design solution is to incorporate a louvre system that balances a level of ventilation, pressure drop and rain defense.


    • Industrial warehouses
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Substations
    • Cooling towers
    • Carparks
    • Hotel and apartment buildings
    • Office blocks
    • Hospitals
    • Mine servicing facilities
    • Processing buildings


    Arcadia Hush® covers a range of high-performance wall louvres that gives designers, engineers, and architects the opportunity to take advantage of natural ventilation, whilst maintaining noise control. The Hush® range has been designed and performance tested with a balanced approach to noise reduction, pressure drop and rain defense. These systems can effectively contribute to an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building solution.


    • Airport terminals
    • Apartment buildings
    • Desalination Plants
    • Power stations
    • Water pump stations


    The Arcadia Huff® Operable Louvre is used in a range of applications. These include Natural Ventilation, Heat exhaust, and Fire and Smoke applications. Huff Ventilators can be operated via a range of pneumatic, electric, and manual control systems interconnected with Control box, manual over-ride, and failsafe systems. When closed the Huff® ventilator prevents rain entry and minimizes heat loss in winter.

    The Huff® ventilator has undergone exhaustive testing to exceed the requirements of AS 2428.1,2,4 & 5. Arcadia can assist Fire engineers, mechanical engineers, and architects to provide a guaranteed ventilation solution based on our tested and approved products.


    • Warehouses
    • Distribution centres
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Train & Locomotive Maintenance facilities
    • Power stations
    • Steel mills and glass plants


    Pulse® Operable Louvres provide adaptability and assist in achieving controllable environments which are growing in demand within todays Building design. With the increased need for operable louvre systems which can be connected to Building Management Systems, Arcadia Pulse® Operable louvre range can be powered pneumatically, electrically, remotely and via manual operation.

    In comparison with fixed louvre systems, Pulse® Operable Louvres allow building designers the opportunity to naturally ventilate a building providing defense against rain when closed.


    • Workshops
    • Gymnasiums
    • Recreational facilities
    • Vehicle facility buildings


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