Tropical lilies from Arcadia Lily Ponds require seven hours of sunlight when it is actively growing to flower. The tropical water lilies are dormant in early spring and winter. These water lily plants are generally large with 2m spread of leaves. The various types of tropical water lilies are Siebert pink, Pearl pink, Randing red, Wood red, Martin E, Randing red, Fleck white, I Pring white, Wood white, Louis yellow, Louis gold yellow and Dazzler yellow.

Tropical lilies of rare colours such as Margaret blue, Stellata blue, Stone blue, King of Blues blue, Freda Linz blue, M.E.Randing purple, Moore purple, Sn.Cross purple, Colorata blue and Tina purple are also available. Hutchings deep pink, Oasis pink, Haarstick red, Galahad white, Flare pink, Hitchcock creamy pink, Harder’s white and Biscut pink are the various colours available in night bloomers.

European water lilies require four hours of sunlight per day when they actively grow to flower. European water lilies are dormant in winter and are available in red, white, apricot, pink, light pink, yellow and pygmies colours.

Lotus requires sun all time to flower during the summer months. Lotus can be grown only in large pots, ponds or dams and dormant in the winter season. The various marginal water plants from Arcadia Lily Ponds include emergent plants, flowering aquatics, floating plants and oxygenating plants.