Arcadia Lily Ponds  was started in the year 1987 with the new concept of water garden nurseries. Arcadia Lily Ponds is one of the largest water garden nurseries in Australia, which specialises in growing large range of water plants. The company provides plants ranging from lotus to water lilies, which complement ponds.

The various water plants offered by Arcadia Lily Ponds are tropical lilies, European lilies, lotus and marginal water plants. It also provides performed ponds, pond liner, fish, fish food, pond treatment, pumps and filters. Arcadia Lily Ponds also offers pond maintenance services.

Arcadia Lily Ponds stocks a variety of preformed ponds in fiberglass, plastic, pebble-crete and stone. It also provides a range of patio and frog habitat pond packages. EPDM liner from Arcadia Lily Ponds is available in different thickness and widths.

Arcadia Lily Ponds stocks fish and fish food suitable for ponds and aquariums. It also provides various water treatment solutions to keep the pond and fish healthy. Pumps and filters from Hozelock and Bianco are also stocked in Arcadia Lily Ponds.

The variety of fish from Arcadia Lily Ponds are small comet, small fantail, small shubunkin, medium comet, medium fantail, medium shubunkin, large comet, rosy barb, white cloud mountain minnow, swordtail and paradise fish.