Smorgon Steel Reinforcing  offers reinforcement accessories which include fixing aids, concrete moisture barriers, reinforcing spacers, concrete expansion jointing, formwork products, builders, coupling systems and slab joints systems.

Barlink is an ideal reinforcing bar which incorporates thread along its length and it can be easily joined at any point. It offers tensile strength and is readily available. Barlink is fully welded and reduces cogs, bends, bar congestion problems in reinforced areas. It can also be placed with in congested areas of reinforcement.

Lintels offered by Smorgon Steel Reinforcing is strong and light in weight. Lintel range of products are fully hot dipped galvanised and prevents brick work cracking caused due to displacement of rust.

Smorgon Steel Reinforcing offers polythene films that are available in black and orange colours and are resistant to perforation and puncture. Smorgon Steel Reinforcing polythene film provides vapour barrier and moisture which is used with slab on ground construction.

The low density polythene film membrane is also offered which is available in wide range of thicknesses and rolls and it can be used as a concrete underlay and as a curing blanket. Polythene film provides denser slab and helps in eliminating concrete wastage. It is resistant to alkaline soils and acid and does not deteriorate with water. Smorgon Polythene film also facilitates the removal of formwork.