Smorgon Steel Reinforcing  offers services including fabricated reinforcement solutions, provides information on conditions of sale.

Fabricated reinforcement solutions include beam solutions, piling solutions, walls, barriers, column solutions and special meshes. Smorgon Steel Reinforcing offers range of column solutions providing improved safety efficiency, limited site storage, steel fixing, reduces bar congestion and materials handling. Column solutions from Smorgon Steel Reinforcing are available in various sizes and shapes and are manufactured with help of qualified staff.

Walls and barriers offered by Smorgon Steel Reinforcing suits all type of projects and it comes with flying ends, different bar centres and diameters. These walls and barrier solutions are useful to avoid loose bar fixings, helps in reducing the costs associated with steel fixing.

Special meshes offered by Smorgon Steel Reinforcing includes conversion tools, roll products, ARC special meshes, mining applications, flooring applications, slab applications and wall applications.

ARC special mesh is made from high quality Smorgon steel or using heavy galvanised wire. It can be cut into any shape and can be combined with bar or wire. It is manufactured in rolls and sheets and are ideal for pavements, wall barriers, flooring systems, precast elements. Special meshes can also be used in wide range of wall applications and makes it maintenance easier to maintain over concrete. It increases speed of mesh and increases formwork turnaround.