A packed seminar program awaits delegates when the ARBS 2016 exhibition opens on 17th May in Melbourne. Being held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre from 17th May to 19th May, the ARBS is Australia’s only international trade exhibition for the air conditioning, refrigeration and building services industry.

The ARBS 2016 will feature a leading-edge seminar program running concurrently with the exhibition at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Guide to the ARBS 2016 seminar program

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Panel: The WELL Building Standard (includes breakfast) $80 (08:00–10:00)

This panel discussion by Romilly Madew, Tony Armstrong and Mark McKenna and moderated by Tony Arnel on the WELL Building Standard explores opportunities and obstacles to its take-up in Australia and discusses why healthy buildings are becoming the ‘next big thing’.

Updates to Standard AS/NZS 1668.1 $30 (10:30–11:30)

An update on the new Standards for Fire and Smoke Control in Buildings with a focus on changes to AS/NZS 1668.1.

A Great Future in Store: how natural refrigerants continue to evolve in commercial refrigeration $30 (10:30–11:30)

A look at the key policy changes and advancements in technology impacting the global market for supermarket refrigeration, leading to a uniform increase in usage of environment-friendly and energy-efficient technologies.

Low Charge NH3 Refrigeration Systems $30 (12:00–13:00)

Five practical examples of low charge NH3 refrigeration systems reducing the recorded energy consumption in refrigerated warehouses.

Panel: Innovation in FM $55 (13:30–15:00)

Current insights from BIM leaders will help participants understand the pitfalls and current solutions regarding BIM and FM integration.

HVAC&R Fan Upgrades – energy efficiency and maintenance savings $30 (15:30–16:30)

Explore the retrofit of high efficiency fans in existing HVAC equipment to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Panel: Digital Disruption (includes breakfast) $80 (07:30–10:00)

A panel of experts will outline the technology that’s improving performance for tenants, how building owners are responding to the increasing demands for embedded smarts within intelligent buildings, and a glance into the next wave of technology to hit the industry.

Automated Fault Detection Tools for HVAC Systems $45 (10:30–11:30) 

An overview of the latest software tools and techniques for achieving automated fault detection and diagnostics on commercial building HVAC systems.

BIM to Pre-Fabrication – Designing to get the Pre-Fab Benefits $45 (13:30–14:30)

Review the opportunities and methodologies for designing for offsite manufacturing of HVAC and other building services systems.

Australian Leadership in Geothermal Technology for Residential Projects $30 (15:00 –16:00) 

Examine one of the largest shallow geothermal installations for residential applications globally, which has been undertaken at Fairwater Estate in Sydney.

HFC phase-down in Australia – an update on the Montreal Protocol and the review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Programme - Free (15:00–16:00) 

An update on the progress towards a global HFC phase-down agreement through the Montreal Protocol and the independent action Australia can take ahead of a global agreement.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Panel – Safety in Design for HVAC&R (includes breakfast) $55 (07:30–09:30)

Panel discussion on the legalities and regulations around safety in design within the HVAC&R and building services industry.

Calculating Cool Phase II $30 (10.00–11:00)

Australia’s first-of-a-kind HVAC energy efficiency rating tool that aims to decrease energy consumption from the HVAC system.

An Exploration of F-Gas Regulation in Europe $30 (10:00–11:00)

Detailed analysis of the legislative framework of the F-Gas Regulation.

Panel: A Consideration of International Approaches to Reducing HFC Emissions $45 (11:30–13:00)

A panel of experts will provide an update on international approaches to managing HFCs, including an HFC phase-down.

How Good Projects Go Wrong – how to reduce risk with effective commissioning processes $30 (11:30–12:30)

A presentation on why projects don’t proceed to plan, commonly observed problems and how these might be addressed.

Fan Technology and Airflow Basics $30 (13:00–14:30)

A comprehensive seminar on fan technology exploring noise and flow characteristics, examining the ideal way to establish the duty point of a device to get the most accurate air movement results, and reviewing fan testing protocols to achieve accurate performance data.