Registration is now open for the final 2020 sessions of the ARBS Seminar Series online. This webinar series has been covering various topics about HVAC&R and building services, and directly connecting participants with some of the most sought after presenters in the industry. 

Of the three remaining sessions for this year, the first session takes a closer look into MPC for Optimisation of HVAC&R systems and will outline an artificial intelligence-supported model predictive controller (AI-MPC) framework. AI-MPC uses a high-level model to generate predictions of system load and resources to minimise operation costs. AI methods will be applied to continuously learn and update the system models based on feedback from measurements and to generate predictions and define optimal trajectories.

The next session ‘Real Energy Efficiency of NH3 DX versus HFC’ details the decommissioning of several existing HFC-based, air-cooled refrigeration plants servicing a refrigerated warehouse and replacement with a central, low charge, dry expansion, NH3 based refrigeration plant.

The last session for 2020 explores ‘Standardised Digital Engineering for an Efficient Construction Industry’ and will delve into the critical importance standardised digital engineering practices play in improving collaboration and productivity between design and construction teams.

The ARBS Seminar Series online will continue in the new year with an inspiring line-up of presentations. The program for 2021 will include several key updates as well as subjects that explore the many technological developments that have propelled the HVAC+R industry to innovate and evolve within the new normal environment.

The seminars are open to all and a small registration fee applies to selected sessions. Please visit ARBS Seminar Series online for further information including registration instructions. 

ARBS Seminar Series Online – Session Details:


When: Tuesday 1 December at 1.00pm AEDT

Session: AI:MPC for Optimisation of HVACR Systems with Hybrid Energy Sources including Renewables

Presented by: Chirayu Shah and Michael Berger, Conserve It


When: Thursday 2 December at 3.00pm AEDT

Session: Real Energy Efficiency of NH3 DX versus HFC

Presented by: Stefan Jensen, Scantec


When: Tuesday 8 December at 1.00pm AEDT

Session: Standardised Digital Engineering for an Efficient Construction Industry

Presented by: Shannon Thomas, AMCA