Arborgreen Landscape Products  has now made available a comprehensive suite of products and integrated systems for the successful placement and growth of trees in the built environment.

Introduction of these technologies has come about from the pressure facing councils, ground keepers and strata managers and to ensure the longevity of costly tree planting in urban zones.

Greater urbanisation means that trees have to coexist with impermeable substances such as concrete, asphalt, extensive water pipe networks and a general movement away from purely natural landscapes as the human sprawl grows.

Arborgreen Landscape Products systems comprise specialised urban tree products and CAD concepts covering the whole spectrum of needs including root management, tree pit irrigation, soil structure systems, support and protection, grilles and guards and tree product packages.

Arborgreen Landscape Products invests heavily in research and development and works closely with Greenleaf UK (UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Canada). The NSW-based company has a distributor network in place throughout Australia.

Therefore, the organisation assists with tree pit designs to fit individual projects as early on as the design stage.

It also has a large array of standard Arborgreen Tree Pit Packages available in CAD, with full detail and specifications ready to be incorporated into a design.

An important ongoing backup service provided by the Arborgreen Landscape Products is its Tree Pit Design seminars, which cover the problems associated with street tree planting and how to overcome them.

During the 45-minute seminar, Arborgreen Landscape Products covers important concepts, new projects, product installations and instigate a discussion session.