The Permaloc landscape edging technologies are now available through Arborgreen Landscape Products for beautiful and practical management of the perimeters of lawns, flowerbeds and paving.

Permaloc are manufacturers of high-performance landscape edging and restraint systems.

Permaloc are known worldwide for manufacturing application-driven, performance-based products that provide a quick and easy installation, while remaining visually appealing.

Edging is necessary on landscape beds to retain them in their intended shape and prevent the erosion or alteration of the perimeter over time.

Good edging will ensure that the beds remain cleanly defined and crisp to the eye. It also lessens the amount of long-term maintenance required to the beds.

Permaloc’s CleanLine and ProLine edging materials replace wood, brick or concrete barriers and have the advantage of being far easier for landscape designers to work with.

These products are made from aluminium – a durable, easily formed and lightweight material that is perfect for landscape bed retention.

It will not rust, rot or crack and is extremely well-suited to professional lawn maintenance and power equipment use.

When properly installed, aluminium edgings and restraints will never need replacing and will remain beautiful for the life of the landscape project.

BrickBlock and StructurEdge are Permaloc’s paving restraint systems that provide a clean, unobstructed edge along an installation of paving stones. These aluminium products are ideal for walkways, patios, entryways and other paver installations.

GeoEdge is a flexible, multi-height, durable aluminium edge restraint and component system specifically designed for use in a greenroof environment.

These products can be used to retain rooftop planting material, pavers and tiles on rooftop walkways, as well as permeable pavement applications on the ground.

Also available are the following Permaloc speciality product lines:

  • CleanLine XL - Extra deep commercial landscape edging
  • Onyx - Light commercial / residential grade plastic landscape edging
  • PermaStrip - L-shaped aluminium maintenance strip for straight run applications
  • DesignEdge - Freeform garden art edging for landscaped logos and garden art
  • AsphaltEdge - L-shaped aluminium asphalt restraint for a clean edge and structural support in asphalt applications
  • AthletEdge - L-shaped aluminium athletic surface restraint

Where materials and edges meet are the most environmentally demanding and visually critical aspects of any landscape. Permaloc’s products are designed to meet these demands, and maintain the landscape design for the lifetime of the project.