Arbor Centre  maintains a tree surgery division to offer high-end tree care solutions to its customers. Arbor Centre holds a team of professional arborist who excel in tree care activities. They help to preserve trees in a healthy and safe condition for a long period of time. Arbor Centre provides a wide range of tree care services to national and international customers.

Arbor Centre offers a wide range of tree treatment services that include pest identification treatment for trees, cosmetic pruning, functional pruning, and removal of dead and damaged limbs, power line clearance and safe removal of trees as well. At Arbor Centre the professional team of arborists offers long term tree care solutions to its customers.

The other advisory services rendered by Arbor Centre include tree consultancy services, tree assessment services, ground management plans to plant trees and other legal issues relating to tree transplantation. Arbor Centre aims at providing quality advice to its customers in order to improve the life span of the trees.

Arbor Centre has undertaken several projects both nationally and internationally. Few of the projects undertaken by Arbor Centre include Melbourne city link project, Graham farmer freeway project, Hillarys harbour rise project and Quinns beach estate projects to name a few.