Arbor Centre  carries out tree transplantation services in order to protect and give additional care to the trees across the world. It uses quality methods and practices in rendering tree transplantation services. Arbor Centre has rendered tree care services at many places like the zoos, housing estates, shopping centers, government departments and road reserves.

Arbor Centre is committed toward providing all kinds of tree services right from relocating a tree from the domestic garden to supplying the largest developments with mature trees. These services highlight Arbor Centres commitment in providing quality services to its customers. Apart from providing tree surgery businesses Arbor Centre also renders aftercare program. The program is offered free of cost to its customers. This aftercare program varies from one category of tree to another.

Arbor Centre maintains a well trained and skilled horticultural division to offer customised services to its customers. This department provides a wide range of tree care services that include tree monitoring, tree selection and sourcing, tree maintenance procedures and free comprehensive aftercare programs to enhance the life span of the trees. Arbor Centre also maintains records of all the tree care programs rendered by it across the globe. Arbor Centre promptly delivers various tree care services to its customers in times of need.