Aquron Applicators  offer Aquron 2000 series of concrete floor treatment products. These floor treatment products can be used for treating new as well as old concrete floors. Aquron 2000 acts as a deep penetrating moisture barrier that is available at affordable rates. This concrete floor treatment product possesses the capability to penetrate into concrete floors having thickness of either 100 millimetres of more. Aquron 2000 series of concrete floor treatment product reacts with the concrete slab to form a colloidal silicate hydrogel. This colloidal silicate hydrogel is formed within the capillaries and pores of the concrete floor surface.

Aquron 2000 series treated concrete floors possess the capability to prevent moisture from attacking these concrete floors. These floor treatment products have been manufactured according to industry standards and known for reliability and durability. The formation of colloidal silicate hydrogel in these floors enables to trap the contaminants by purging to the surface. These contaminants are later on cleaned by high pressure washing method. Aquron 2000 series of floor treatment products, from Aquron Applicators, also prevent the reoccurrence of pungent smells in old concrete floors. These concrete floor treatment products also suit aged care facility centres.