AquaMaker 's water-generating machines are equipped with a new technology that automatically stops the machines from producing too much water, and prevents overflowing when water collected reaches its maximum storage capacity.

The water-generating machines operate quietly with the help of a newly designed fan system which increases production and efficiency while reducing noise during operation.

AquaMaker’s water purification system delivers high quality and better tasting water by removing all potentially harmful substances. The AM10’s air filter removes 95 percent of all air-borne particles, dust, odour, mould spores, bacteria and volatile organic chemicals. This air filter ensures that the unit not only cleans its air intake to make clean water, but also returns clean air to the environment.

The AM10 water generating machine also has a recycle timer and an automatic defroster. The recycle timer can be customized to ensure the water in the tanks remains fresh and clean, and the automatic defroster melts any ice that gets accumulated during the regulated defrost cycle. This mechanism prevents the unit from shutting down.

AquaMaker’s water purification system comes in an easy-to-use, all-encompassing, enclosed pack. Replacing one pack, instead of multiple water filters, saves time and effort. AquaMaker’s water generating machines are also compact and durable.