AquaMaker  manufactures and supplies water-generating machines. A supporter of the Water Quality Association, AquaMaker provides functional and efficient clean water production machines and services for all environments – from suburbs and corporate offices to drought-stricken areas. Aquamaker distributes its products throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

AquaMaker has introduced AquaMaker AM10, a water-generating machine which is equipped with reliable, compact and versatile components. This water-generating machine is built for strength and convenience. The AM10 has been designed to enhance water production, reduce power consumption and provide clean and pure drinking water.

The features of the AquaMaker AM10 include supply of hot and cold water from one unit and production of up to 40 litres of dual-filtered, natural clean drinking water per day.
Additional features of AquaMaker AM10 includes digital display microcomputer, electronic sensors, energy-saving features, quiet operations, proprietary air filter, water purification system, water recirculation and automatic defrost.

The digital display microcomputer of the AquaMaker AM10 ensures the unit is operating properly and comes with easy-to-read visuals and personalized settings for all working components. Electronic sensors ensure the unit runs properly and alert customers about scheduled maintenance and performance irregularities. AquaMaker AM10 is available in a sleek design.