AquaMaker ’s AM10 is a premium water production system. AquaMaker technology involves the removal and oxidation of compounds from contaminated air. The bio-air filter contains Ziolite which is coated with a solution of mineral Oxychloride. This mineral uses the principles of chelating and delivers destructive energy to organic and micro organisms. When gases or air pass through the reactor, target pollutants diffuse into the Ziolite and absorption and instantaneous oxidation occurs.

AquaMaker's water-generating machines eliminate the need for bottle storage.The plumbing and the filtration system in the products of AquaMaker are easy to replace, and come with the feature of personal settings for both hot and cold water. The four part water filter keeps a residual cleansing agent throughout the system. This protects the entire system against contamination and provides environmentally friendly water supply.

The AM10 has a patented air and water filtration system which was specifically designed and tested for water generation technology. The AM10 has an internal water storage capacity of 38 litres. This means that the AM10 will constantly produce water out of the air until its internal water storage tank reaches a level of 38 litres. Once this storage capacity is reached, the AM10 will automatically switch into a standby mode when water production will be temporarily stopped. Once water is drained out of the unit and the water level falls below 35 litres, the AM10 will start producing water until storage capacity is reached once again.