Aqualoc Tap Valves , an Australian-owned company that offers tap valves. The tap valves save water and reduce the maintenance of tap washers. Aqualoc Tap Valves provides a unique system designed to control the flow of water and hence saving on water expenses by 45 per cent and energy savings up to 60 per cent.

Conventional washers and one-fourth turn ceramic cartridges in the tap ware are replaced with Aqualoc Tap Valves. Aqualoc Tap Valves are manufactured in such a way that it prevents leakage in taps.

Aqualoc Tap Valves are constructed in modular manner and consists of two parts where the base is placed at the tap seat and a jumper valve is placed which regulates the flow of water. The size of jumper valve varies and offers range of flow rates from gravity fed systems to high pressure. Flow rates are reduced up to 84 per cent and reduction in consumption of water reduces energy required for heating hot water. The 'O' ring system at the base of the valve provides seal on the seat of tap eliminating leakage in the taps.

The benefits and features of Aqualoc Tap Valve include prevention of dripping taps, eliminates water hammering, makes taps easier to use extending the life of taps, helps in saving water and power bills, eco-friendly, resistant to vandals, equalises the pressure and prevents water robbery.