The tap valves offered by Aqualoc Tap Valves help in saving water and reduce the maintenance of tap washers. Aqualoc Tap Valves uses patented multi- ridging system in the making of tap valves. This system helps in eliminating the leakage in taps and helps in sealing the tap seats.

Aqualoc Tap Valves offers products that reduce the water pressure by putting an end to the dumps and this eliminates the water hammer. Aqualoac offers one such model which is designed for dishwater-based and washing machine based water hammer.

There are unique designs at Aqualoc Tap Valves that are creating a vacuum and render-stiff taps which are easy to turn on and off. These taps are suitable for both young and elderly persons. Aqualoc Tap Valves reduces the need for heating water, saves electricity and also reduces carbondixiode emissions.

Aqualoc Tap Valves decreases hot water heating as there is reduction in power usage that contributes to lesser carbondixiode emissions. The two piece seal makes Aqualoc unbreakable and anti-vandal and makes Aqualoc an ideal to install in public facilities. The base of Aqualoc Tap Valves protects and seals the tap seats increasing the life of taps used. A combination of different flow models are used to equalise the flow fluctuations from outlet.