Solar pool water heating systems offered by Aquaheat Energy Systems have many features. The solar collector present in this heating system consists of a double walled glass vacuum tube that has Titanium nitride oxide coated on its inner wall.

The collector tubes in the Solar pool water heating systems form a pivotal part of the pool water heating systems. Each of the tube comprises of two glass tubes which has the outer one made of transparent borosilicate glass. Evacuation of the air takes place between the two glass tubes which eventually forms vacuum, thereby eliminating conductive and convective heat loss.

The solar collectors present in heating systems of Aquaheat Energy Systems can function even on cloudy days. Ithis is mainly because of the absorption of energy by the tubes from infrared rays. These tubes are aligned in a parallel orientation. Heat is transferred from the tubes to the collecting pipes by thermal conduction.

Vacuum tube collectors from by Aquaheat Energy Systems have a cylindrical shape an this helps the sun's rays to fall at an perpendicular angle to the surface. The vacuum tubes are strong, can be used for a long period of time and can be replaced easily and in a cost effective manner. These tubes can withstand even the rigor weather conditions.