Based in Sydney and headed up by Dean Coulpasis, Fine BathwareAquaform is an exciting boutique company representing some of the design world’s best and specialising in products not seen in Australia before.

The Aquaform collection currently includes the brands Kos, Iurop and Galassia from Italy and Altro from Spain. It is a range that will continue to grow and develop as new and exciting manufacturers enter the international market.

Highlights at Aquaform include:

– Highly equipped shower cabins with water jets, in-built idrocolore lighting, cantilevered seating

and lots of architectural integrity by Kos

– Freestanding bathtubs designed to be seen by Kos

– Sculptural tapware with monolever mixers by Iurop

– Shower trays with refined, simple detailing by Galassia & Kos

– Washbasins with chiselled lines and seamlessly designed traps

by Galassia

– Simple stainless steel sinks by Altro