Aqua Cooler  is renowned for its well built, quality, Australian made chilled drinking water fountains. Aqua Cooler’s wide range of drinking fountains means they have a unit available to suit almost any application.

The M series units are freestanding drinking fountains and these are available in 3 different chilling capacities over an hour. They are 10, 19 and 26 litres.

The models available in the largest size include the M10 and the M11. These units are built for the tough Australian climate and are ideally used in areas that get a lot of traffic. This includes schools, mines, hospitals, factories, and large office buildings.

A larger unit will also give you piece of mind that there will be enough chilled water to go around. It is able to supply chilled water to approximately 45 - 80 people over the course of an hour.

There are 8 models in this range:

  • M10 Colourbond, bubbler only, unfiltered
  • M10F Colourbond, bubbler only, filtered
  • M10FSS Stainless steel, bubbler only, filtered
  • M10SS Stainless steel, bubbler only, unfiltered
  • M11 Colourbond, bubbler glass filler, unfiltered
  • M11F Colourbond, bubbler glass filler, filtered
  • M11FSS Stainless steel, bubbler glass filler, filtered
  • M11SS Stainless steel, bubbler glass filler, unfiltered