In an effort to ensure Aqua Cooler’s products are in line with the latest design features, Aqua Cooler’s UB3 under bench water coolers have recently been re-designed.

The move was undertaken mainly to improve the ease of installation in an under bench location.

The re-design involved moving the water inlet and outlet connections to the top of the unit, allowing for a more direct connection to the plumbing of the sink.

The inlet and outlet connections were previously located at the front of the UB3 under bench water cooler.

This often made the UB3 under bench water coolers difficult for installation, especially with smaller cupboards.

The change has also improved the UB3 under bench water cooler’s ability to adapt to a filtration device, an important feature many filtration companies look for.

"This is a small, yet important change in the design of the unit which will make the unit more appealing to customers", said Talia Prior, Aqua Cooler's marketing coordinator.