Following calls from the filter industry for a water cooler that was filter friendly, Aqua Cooler has incorporated a unique feature to the design of its new SP series Point-of-Use water cooler.

Traditionally all compressor driven coolers have a full length condenser fitted to the back of the unit to assist in dispelling the heat generated from the unit.

With this part of the unit in mind, the product development department within Aqua Cooler developed the new SP series cooler utilising a half size condenser located at the top end of the cooler, and a recess in the lower end, purposely designed to house a filter system.

The recess gives ample space for a filtration system to be attached and aids in the prevention of any damage that would otherwise be sustained if the filter protruded excessively from the confines of the unit.

Whether you choose to use your own or an Aqua Cooler filtration system, the SP Series is a good choice for filter companies in the industry today.