Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited (ATEL) is a not-for-profit company which promotes skill development through apprenticeships and traineeships with the goal of assisting people to achieve sustaibable employment and meaningful careers.

Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited (ATEL) has several construction apprentices available for hire right now. ATEL apprenticeships operate on a rotational system, meaning apprentices are rotated with different employers. This is a beneficial construction employment solution for both parties as employers need not feel obligated to find work for someone in slow or uncertain times and the apprentice is able to continue their trade training.

Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited (ATEL) also specialise in construction apprentice job sharing, a cost effective staffing solution option during slow or uncertain economic periods which allows the apprentice to continue their apprenticeship whilst gaining experience with different host employers. If a host employer takes on an out of trade construction apprentice, Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited (ATEL) will pass on in full the government's new re-commencement bonus of up to $2800 per apprentice.