Applied Concrete Solutions  can now offer customers premium waterproofing solutions for a number of applications as the exclusive distributor of Giscosa ethylene propylene diene Monomer (EPDM) membranes in Australia.
EPDM is a premium rubber material whose principal components consist of the compounds ethylene and propylene. When a small amount of diene is added to these compounds, a strong flexible rubber matrix is formed. EPDM is available in non-vulcanised or vulcanised (fully cured and more wear and tear resistant) states.

The technology behind EPDM membranes was first developed over 40 years ago and it is now one of the most popular materials used as a waterproofing solution on a variety of structures.

EPDM is unlike other waterproofing solutions such as liquid and standard rubber membranes, as it has the unique ability to withstand excessive movement as well being UV, impact and chemical resistant.

EPDM membranes are also capable of withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations and will resist damage caused by acidic soils. 

Giscolene is a single ply, vulcanised EPDM membrane made from highly elastic synthetic rubber compounds, which provide premium resistance to weathering, tearing, movement, impact and puncturing.

It is this elasticity and resistance to ozone and UV radiation in particular, which make Giscolene highly suitable as a waterproofing solution for both water sealing and water capture applications.

Giscolene contains thermoplastic film which has been laminated on both edges and sides of the membrane to facilitate convenient on-site application and joining through the use of heat. This single step process enables a quick and mess free application. Larger rolls for bigger projects are available on request.

The EPDM membrane is used for a variety of waterproofing applications including:-

  • basements
  • podium decks
  • ponds (including tailings ponds on mining sites
  • roofs and roof gardens; and 
  • water reservoirs.
Key advantages of using Giscosa EPDM as a waterproofing solution include:
  • superior elongation
  • high flexibility
  • superior resistance to weathering
  • highly resistant to tearing and impact
  • superior water containment qualities
  • versatile
  • quick and easy installation
  • installation possible at very low temperatures
  • convenient size packaging means less wastage
  • low maintenance
  • low profile to assist waterflow and aesthetics
  • environmentally friendly.