Applied Concrete Solutions  has recently added a new range of internal and external liquid membranes to their extensive system of waterproofing products. The new range includes water based, epoxy and synthetic based membranes suitable for all project areas, from rooftop to basement.  

One of the products already proving popular is ACS Bel Seal AM – a convenient non-flammable, low odour membrane, suitable for internal areas such as bathrooms, showers and laundries as well as external surfaces such as balconies, window reveals and podium decks.  

ACS Bel Seal AM has been specially designed to bridge cracks in surfaces and its low odour and toxicity mean it can be used without too much inconvenience to passers by and the surrounding environment. Another all purpose liquid waterproofing membrane is ACS Flexi-Proof WPM – a high performance, single component fast curing coating. 

ACS Flexi-Proof WPM’s high build properties allow for durability, making it an all purpose, highly effective wet area membrane for sill flashing, decks window reveals, bathrooms and showers.  

Also in the Flexi-Proof family is ACS Flexi-Proof GP2, a fast curing, tough waterproofing membrane which is impermeable to liquid water. Applied as a slurry onto horizontal and vertical surfaces of concrete, brick, block, render and cement sheeting, ACS Flexi-Proof GP2 can be used for internal wet areas as well as planters, basement tanking and a variety of construction surfaces.  

ACS technical staff are specially trained to offer advice on all areas of waterproofing – whether it be carparks, slabs, decks, building facades or bridges and other structures. Together, they have many years experience in all facets of concrete repair, waterproofing and coating systems and can provide tailor made solutions to your project.