A quality food waste disposer should last for a long time. The team from Appliances Online has put together the following guide for potential buyers.  

The key things that you should consider when purchasing your food waste disposer are:  

  • What kind of noise reduction does the food waste disposer have? As the models increase in price you will find that they are also coming with more efficient sound insulation.  
  • What size motor does it have? The bigger the motor, the larger the range of items they can process and the longer the life expectancy.  
  • What type of feed does the food waste disposer have? There are 2 types: continuous feed (most common) and batch feed which operates only when the lid is fastened.  
Sound Control 

Food waste disposers units are so visibly inconspicuous; the sound it makes should not make up for the difference. All units are going to make a certain level of noise. After all, the lugs are crushing your scraps. For the least amount of noise, look for a product that has integrated sound baffles, top of the line insulation and large sound barriers.


The size of your food waste disposer and its motor should be directly related to the amount of waste you are intending to put down the machine. While you would not notice a large machine's size over a smaller one, its reliability and warranty go hand-in-hand with its capacity.

Continuous Vs Batch 

Food waste disposer vary in terms of the way in which they grind food scraps. The most common type of food waste disposer, the continuous feed refers to the way in which the cold water is turned on, the switch is flicked and the machine runs until it is turned off.

In contrast, a batch feed will only operate once the lid is fastened and the machine is turned on. This feature has been introduced to avoid accidents that may occur when reaching down while the machine is on or other objects falling in by accident.

Which Switch to Use?

Choosing between two different switches to your machine, there are some factors to consider. Your choice is between a standard electric switch and an air switch (only available with continuous feed models).

The new air switch provides further convenience and safety when using the waste disposal unit. The air switch, when pressed, produces vibrations via a pipe in your counter top. This then turns the unit on. These can be positioned nearby the machine and prevent any potential of an electric shock. The air switch comes standard with the In Sink Erator models 65 and 75 and is available as an accessory.