For microwave leakage testing procedure, Appliance Tagging Services first inspects the unit for obvious physical damage to ensure safety. A complete power output inspection is then carried out by measuring the wattage of the oven. This procedure ensures that the electrical flow and magnetron of the unit is operating at respectable levels. The unit is then inspected for complete radiation leakage. With the help of a microwave radiation leakage detector, measurement of radiation levels around the oven is carried out.

Appliance Tagging Services undertakes test residual current devices by performing data capture and testing on both portable and fitted safety switch devices. To determine their correct operation, residual current devices are tested for trip times and leakage current by performing push button and millisecond test. This procedure ensures that these devices are functioning within appropriate standards.

Appliance Tagging Services also carries out light level metering on all lighting systems. This procedure is carried out by taking multiple readings from multiple locations to give accurate description of the quality of the lighting system. Appliance Tagging Services also provides a detailed report on general lighting and raw data from the metering service along with recommendations for improving the lighting system.