Appliance Tagging Services  are registered electrical contractors that provide testing programs throughout Australia.

Appliance Tagging Services has developed an accurate testing procedure for three phase electrical equipment. This testing procedure uses a purpose built adaptor unit to accommodate easy testing for all three phase plug top configurations. This procedure ensures fast, accurate and reliable results.

Electrical testing technologies and data management system from Appliance Tagging Services provides electrical safety protocols which allow fast and accurate testing and data capture.

Supernova XE and automated PATS testing equipment from Appliance Tagging Services performs electrical tests on even the most sensitive electronic equipment with complete safety.

Defective lighting causes eyestrain, vision problems and headaches. To eliminate these problems, Appliance Tagging Services carries out simple processes like cleaning and replacing damaged diffusers, supplying new light bulbs and installing new lighting fixtures as required.

For thermal imaging, Appliance Tagging Services uses the Flir P65 infrared camera. This infrared camera generates a real time high resolution image and performs inspections when the systems are under load. This camera also measures temperatures, stores information and tells exactly what needs to be fixed.