Appearance Engineering  offers industrial design consultancy solution. Appearance Engineering specialises in various application of manufacturing technology to consumer and industrial products.

Appearance Engineering offers designing consultancy solution for more than 27 years. Appearance Engineering provides professional services for the following field which includes graphics, industrial and product design, 3D animation, project management, etc.

Appearance Engineering has a wide range of skills and experience in tool-making, manufacturing techniques, materials-science, process engineering and value analysis. Appearance Engineering has a diverse knowledge in using Pro Engineer, CAD applications, Truespace 3D imaging and interactive surface modelling software.

Some of the recent project from Appearance Engineering includes laboratory centrifuge, ducted evaporative cooler, vail air conditioner, edg’n lawn edging, 956 aircraft checklist, toilet suite, etc. Appearance Engineering was formed in 1980 specialising in quality design services to international and local manufacturers. Appearance Engineering provides innovative designing solution that exceeds the expectation of the clients.