Appearance Engineering  supplies a complete designing and engineering services starting from concept to production. Appearance Engineering provides an extensive range of solution for a wide range of consumer products which includes gaming, technology, industrial componentry, aircraft and others. Ralph Lee, former manager of Malleys Ltd, makers of Hot point and Whirlpool appliances. Ralph Lee has expertise in various aspects of manufacturing and industrial design and practice.

Appearance Engineering recent project includes Ducted evaporative cooler for clients like Vulcan, Bonaire and Celair. Ducted evaporative coolers design involves the replacement of existing models. The new model consists of all plastic construction with fewer fasteners. Appearance Engineering designed an aesthetically pleasing and functional design by using only 20 fasteners in the assembly.

Other recent project from Appearance Engineering it designing a toilet suite for Johnson Suisse. Appearance Engineering designed a toilet suite with an imported float valve and flush assembly which is incorporated with improved seat hinging that eliminates the gap thereby reducing the bacterial growth. Toilet suite is designed with all components which are of injection moulding in polypropylene.