App-Tek Safety  offers a range of safety requirement products for workplace. App-Tek Safety is known for manufacturing and supplying equipment useful for detecting, monitoring and measuring workplace hazards, where hazards like heat stress, noise, vibration, gas and dust can be monitored.
App-Tek Safety provides tailor made products according to the customer's requirements and offers after sales service as well. App-Tek Safety started supplying air monitoring equipment in 1992 for health and safety applications and its product range includes noise dosimeters, sound level meters, dust samplers, heat stress monitors and air samplers to detect hazardous gases and vapours.

Noise dosimeters are useful in reducing and preventing noise at workplace. App-Tek Safety offers Edge Noise Dosimeter from Quest Technologies, which has a cable-free design. It also eliminates microphone cable to get in the way.
App-Tek Safety later introduced the Neotronics MiniGas portable gas for the underground coal mining industry. App-Tek Safety has also designed the OdaLog Logger which is used to record the hydrogen sulphide gas emissions associated with waste water collection systems.
Currently the product line of App-Tek Safety includes air sampling, portable and fixed gas detectors, light meters and photo ionisation. Vibration monitors, thermal environment monitors, flow meters, gas dilution and calibration are also offered. App-Tek Safety also provides calibration and training services.