App-Tek Safety  offers a range of personal heat stress monitors, thermal environment monitors and vibration monitors. App-Tek Safety offers the QUEST personal heat stress monitors with heart rate monitoring and body temperature.
Thermal environment monitors are useful for providing protection to groups of workers. Personal heat stress monitors takes into account every individual's response to the level of physical activity and working conditions and ensures that relevant protection is provided to the individual.
App-Tek Safety offers QUEST thermal environment monitors as well. All thermal environment monitors have a dry bulb sensor that measures the ambient temperature, a wet bulb sensor to measure the evaporative cooling. This indicates the effects of humidity on an individual. It also includes global sensors to indicate the radiant heat exposure on an individual due to hot objects and light in the environment.
App-Tek Safety also provides a range of Quest sound level meters, which are equipment designed to react to all kinds of noise. Two types of instruments are offered namely the Type 1 precision instruments and the Type 2 precision instruments.

The SoundPro SE & DL series from App-Tek safety are designed to efficiently perform noise analysis. SoundPro DLX series is the latest advancement in the acoustic technology, used to measure sound levels of all octave bands in one sample.
App-Tek Safety provides sound level detectors which is commonly used in hospitals, industrial work areas, air craft maintenance hangars and environmental work areas.