App-Tek Safety  offers a range of air samplers and air sampling pumps for various applications such as safety, occupational health, environmental, industrial hygiene and indoor air quality. Various air sampling media for vapour and gas and bioaerosol sampling are also available. The variety of sampling media include coated filters, air sampling pumps, passive samplers, calibrators and sampling bags.
Three models of Air sampling pumps from App-Tek Safety are available under the Universal PCXR series. These air sampling pumps have a built in timer and are accurate and easy to operate. Mini-buck M5 calibrators are available which are suitable for setting instrument panels and calibrating laboratory instruments. These calibrators are lightweight and are easy to use.
App-Tek Safety offers portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors as well. The portable gas detectors include multi gas portables, single gas portables, specialised environmental instruments detector tubes and leak detectors.
Several models are available in multi gas portables including OdaLog 7000, OdaLog 6000, MultiCheck 2000 and MultiLog 2000. The OdaLog 7000 is designed to monitor methane, oxygen and carbon di oxide gases to name a few.
MultiCheck 2000 is an easy to operate gas monitor, which can monitor up to four gases. A flashing visual alarm and a loud warning horn is provided when alarm conditions exists.
The single gas portables form App-Tek Safety include OdaLog monitor, SafeCheck 100 and SafeLog 100. The OdaLog monitors include moisture and dust ingress protection and they can be fitted with sensors.