Apex Leisure International  offers water tanks which are compact and handy. These ‘handytank’ water tanks can be fitted along the side of the house, plumbed at various down pipe sites. Apex Leisure International’s water tank is easy to dismantle and store, which aids in easy relocation.

The water storage containers from Apex Leisure International are available with a shade cover for protecting the tanks from external factors. These water tanks are available in a standard size of 150 x 113 x 120cm. To enhance the durability of the water storage containers, marine grade fabric is used.

Water tanks from Apex Leisure International have most of their fittings and connections inbuilt for easy installation. The users are also guided with clear and simple assembly instruction manuals. The water containers from Apex Leisure International possess flexible options to get connected to the water source.

Tanks from Apex Leisure International are available in a compact box size of 140 x 33 x 24cm, which can fit inside any vehicle. Apex Leisure International’s water tanks weigh around 25 kg, to aid easy transportation and storage.